Cedarhurst's Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

We are committed to protecting the safety and well-being of our residents, their families, our guests, and our employees. As concerns grow over the potential for the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) within the United States we want to assure you we are monitoring the situation closely and preparing for its potential impact. 

Our Policies & Resources

Below are the policies and resources we have put in place effective immediately to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Last Updated -3/16/2020 

Visitation Policy 

Per our policy we have identified different stages of precautions.Right now, we are not accepting visitors outside of essential medical personnel or if it is a pre-approved special circumstance.We appreciate your cooperation.  

No Visitation Policy
Approved Third-Party Medical Personnel Screening Tool

Last Updated -3/29/2020 

Resident & Family Resources

We strongly encourage residents to not leave the Community for anything other than a necessary medical appointment that the physician does not recommend postponing. This is to reduce exposure to the public that hasn’t been screened for signs and symptoms. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time.

We highly recommend all families to sign up for the Caremerge Family Engagement App to receive in-time notifications and text messages regarding updates on the steps we are taking against COVID-19 and to stay engaged with residents. 

Resident Essential Medical LOA Agreement Resident Voluntary LOA Agreement Approved Resident Re-Entry Screening Tool New Move-In Screening Tool
Download the Caremerge Family App on the Apple Store Download the Caremerge Family App for Android Caremerge Family Engagement Authorization Form
Current Communities Levels (updated daily)

Last Updated -3/25/2020 

Our COVID-19 Policy

Here is a direct link to our Coronavirus Policy and Procedures detailing the steps our communities will take to maintain a state of readiness for the prevention of and prompt response to a Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Overview of COVID-19 Precaution Levels
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy
COVID-19 Red Level Initiation Checklist

Last Updated -3/21/2020 

Employee Resources  

Effective now through April 30th, we have put a travel policy in place to help protect our residents and employees. Additionally, in order for our communities to be proactive and prevent COVID-19 from spreading through our employees, an employee log has been created for each community to keep track of critical information. 

Travel Policy
Approved Employee Screening Tool Employee Information Log Instructions
Letter from the President on PTO
CDC's Recommendations on PPE Sequence

Actions We Have Taken 


  • Created and implemented a multitude of COVID-19 Policies, including specific policies on Visitors, Third-Party Essential Medical Personnel and Resident and Employee Travel 
  • Created a multidisciplinary corporate COVID-19 Response Team to support our entire organization and local communities  
  • Members of the COVID-19 Response Team committee include the following: Cedarhurst President, all Cedarhurst Vice Presidents, Corporate Director of Clinical Services, Corporate Director of Communications, Corporate Director of Environmental Services, Director of Organizational Development, Corporate Director of Life Enrichment and several corporate support staff along with direct involvement of all Regional Directors of Operations, Regional Directors of Nursing, Regional Directors of Dining Services, Regional Directors of Sales and all Executive Directors 
  • Implemented daily mandatory staff training on COVID-19 Policies, precautions, and preventions 
  • Created an internal email inbox for associate questions that is monitored 24/7  
  • Actively monitoring all media, public health authorities, hospital sources, CDC, etc. for updates  
  • Ordered additional personal protective equipment organization-wide and are continually assessing our supply capacity  
  • Gathered locations of all employees’ other healthcare employment, spouse or roommate employment, and children’s schools/daycares in order to prevent cross-contamination at a Cedarhurst location from a known COVID-19 site  


  • Constant communication with residents, their families, and staff 
  • Sending updates to family members via our Caremerge electronic health record system  
  • Implemented text message alerts to family members to constantly keep them informed  
  • Utilizing social media to make local community updates  
  • We have notified all vendors and suppliers regarding our policy and safety requirements  
  • Our team will coordinate remote communications via video and audio calls between residents and family  



  • Effective 03/12/2020, we've suspended visits to the community for all persons except essential direct healthcare professionals/workers, family member(s) for a resident on hospice (i.e. end-of-life situations), emergency and life/safety personnel, admission/ re-admission of approved residents  
  • Entrance and exit to communities is restricted to the front door 
  • Delivery services should be made to the front door between business hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm 
  • Employees transport packages to resident apartments  
  • All permitted visitors will go through our Signs & Symptoms screening, including a temperature check  



  • Implemented daily COVID-19 screening for all residents, including temperature checks 
  • Implemented daily COVID-19 screening for all employees and essential third-party healthcare workers 
  • Further reinforced process for management of all respiratory infections including implementation of quarantine procedures for all those showing symptoms of any respiratory infection 
  • Planned to immediately notify the health department for clusters of respiratory infections or suspected COVID-19 
  • Trained all residents on information about COVID-19, actions the community is taking to protect them, visitor restrictions and actions they can take to protect themselves 
  • Residents who leave the building for anything other than a necessary medical appointment or other approved special circumstance are not allowed to return until situation changes 
  • Implementation of social distancing protocols including restricting sponsored activities to groups of 3 or less, implemented in-room dining for residents, encouraging residents to practice social distancing and perform frequent hand hygiene

Media Response

Cedarhurst is committed to protecting the safety and well-being of our residents, their families, our guests, and our employees. In the last several weeks as concerns have grown over the spread of the novel Coronavirus (“COVID-19”) within the United States, our multidisciplinary COVID-19 Response Team, along with the entire Cedarhurst organization and many outside resources, have worked diligently to best prepare for its impact. Our response and policies are based upon guidance from federal, state and local regulators and are updated when this guidance changes. Our most current policies are found on this website. These policies have been tailored to Cedarhurst’s residents, visitors, families, vendors, employees and other stakeholders.  

Our priority with any communicable disease, including the seasonal flu which we deal with every year, is to prevent the virus from being introduced within our Communities. To that end, we have implemented a multitude of policies focused on preventing the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) at our Communities.  

Part of our prevention effort is restricting the potential of infection from people non-essential to caring for residents on a day-to-day basis. As such, we are restricting all visitors into our communities until further notice, except for special approved exceptions. While there are no known cases of COVID-19 in our communities, we're taking this action in a proactive effort to safeguard the health and safety of our residents and employees. We understand that this might be inconvenient for you and our residents. We appreciate your cooperation.  

Even with aggressive precautions, it is possible an outbreak may still occur if we see the virus spread within the United States. It is also possible that even if we keep the virus outside of our communities, our resources may be impacted by an outbreak, including staffing and supplies. We have implemented a variety of measures to be prepared for these possibilities and are continually assessing our staffing resources and supply capacity.  

We are committed to providing timely updates as information changes to our residents, their families and our employees. For additional media inquiries, please reach out to Samantha Prinster, Corporate Director of Communications.  


Email our Corporate Communications Team